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Wholesale Program

We work with business buyers to provide wholesale pricing for bulk or repetitive purchases. Our quality is the best at any given price point and we carry well reviewed brands that share our culture of providing the best value.

Program Benefits

  • Increased buying power with no MOQs
  • Free ground shipping on orders above $1500
  • Full sleep specialty lineup, from mattresses & frames to bedding basics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do. Our resellers include Fortune 500 companies and mom and pop shops across the US.
For brick and mortar resellers, contact us to discuss our program requirements.

Generally speaking, here are things we look for in an online reseller:

  • 100k Alexa rank or better
  • Maintain a minimum monthly sales pace of 200 units
  • Automated inventory management
  • Vendor dashboard for order fulfillment and invoicing
  • Adherence to MAP
  • No selling in 3rd party marketplaces
Yes. We use the Share A Sale platform. Our affiliates include mattress and bedding review sites, family and lifestyle bloggers, deal sites and more. You can submit an application here.
Contact us for pricing. We can chat over the phone or email about the products of interest and give you pricing for each.
Pricing varies by product and is difficult to summarize. It’s dependent on the cost to manufacture and distribute, and the competitive nature of the marketplace. A few products’ retail price is pretty close to the wholesale price due to strong competition in the retail market. Most products have more room for a substantial discount. In general, however, most of our customers are very happy with our prices.

Contact us to get specifics.
We work with business buyers from a variety of industries - both for resale and end use. If you’re buying for a business, no matter how large or small, we’d love to chat.

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