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Waterproof Sheet Protector by Linenspa®

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Protect your sheets and mattress from accidents with a layer of soft, quiet, waterproof protection. This pad is designed to be placed under the sleeper and on top of the sheets to protect bed linens and mattresses. A poly/cotton cover and thin, absorbent layer of down alternative fill are quilted to create a protective layer that doesn't change the feel of the sleep surface. Highly absorbent and waterproof, this pad is great for this with health or incontinence issues, as a potty training aid, or for children who experience bed wetting. It's easy removal and care mean no more middle-of-the-night bedding changes. Easy care pad is machine washable and dryer safe.


  • Absorbent and Waterproof Protection
  • Machine Washable and Dryer Safe
  • Nighttime Solution to Middle of the Night Bedding Changes


Absorbent and Waterproof Protection

Four layers of protection keep your sheets dry. Hypoallergenic down alternative fill and soft cotton-blend fabric create breathable comfort. Quilted with a decorative pattern, the fill will not shift or clump, so the surface stays smooth and even. This layer absorbs liquid to protect bedding and mattresses from accidents. Beneath the absorbent surface, a thin waterproof layer protects your bedding and mattress. It's light and quiet for protection that doesn't change the feel of your sleep surface. The back of the protector is a non-slip fabric that helps keep it in place.

Machine Washable and Dryer Safe

For convenience that preserves the cleanliness and health of your sleep environment, this sheet protector has easy care instructions. Machine wash in hot water. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry on low heat.

Nighttime Solution to Middle of the Night Bedding Changes

No more changing the sheets in the middle of the night. The easy-to-use sheet protector goes beneath the sleeper and on top of the sheets for to protect bedding and mattresses from accidents and stains. It is the perfect solution for protection from moisture due to illness, medical conditions, incontinence, potty training and bed wetting.



34in X 52in

52 x 34

34in X 36in

36 x 34

44in X 52in

52 x 44


Surface: 80% polyester, 20% cotton
Other material: 100% polyester
Backing: 100% polyurethane

Care Instructions

Machine wash hot with bedding
Do not use bleach
Tumble dry low heat
Do not iron
Do not dry clean


By: lael griffin on Nov 15,2016

Protect your mattress!

I received this product from the manufacturer as a product test. This pad is perfect for potty training a toddler. Let's be honest with each other, mattresses are expensive and you need to protect your investment. You can save time and money by purchasing a Linenspa waterproof mattress pad. It is easy to install and saves you money upfront on its affordable price. Once put on this pad stays in place exceptionally well and makes minimal noise. This pad will make clean-up easier for those unfortunate accidents and provide a protection to your mattress that will extend the life while decreasing dust mites and other undesired wear and tear effects.

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By: Lael Griffin on Nov 15,2016

Now you have a fail safe!

I received this product from the manufacturer as part of a product review. Before I received this sheet protector I didn't know that such a product existed. Things that have impressed me about it are: Its comfortable touch, how it actually works (great for potty training), and that its easy to clean. The more I think about it the more I like this product. Think about it, now you don't have to change your child's sheets everyday. If you take a drink to bed now you don't have to worry about should still be careful but now you have a fail safe!

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By: Elise Griffin on Nov 15,2016

It's got you (er, your sheets) covered!

To be honest, I have never thought of using a sheet protector. I received this product for free from the manufacturer as a product test, though, so we gave it a shot! Here are the qualities that have impressed me about it: 1) Waterproof: As a test, I dumped a cup of water on the sheet protector and then waited for it to soak in. My two-year-old even danced/stomped on the puddle of water. Then we checked, and no water had leaked through the sheet protector onto the surface below. The material is very absorbent. While the top layer was wet (that's to be expected), there was no longer a puddle sitting on top. (This is not a plastic sheet that the water will roll off of.) 2) Secure: The non-slip fabric on the bottom reminds me of a micro-fiber cloth. The fine fibers grasp onto the sheets, almost like Velcro, but without the damage! We placed it on my toddler's mattress and experimented to see if it would move. She laid on it and wiggled around, but it didn't go anywhere. Again, she danced/jumped around on the sheet protector - this time while on top of the slippery polyester sheets. I was impressed that it still held its ground and barely moved. 3) Size: This sheet protector has a relatively large surface. When placed across the bed the long way, it provides over 4 feet of protection, in case you roll over in your sleep. :) It's also nearly 3 feet wide, which is a good percentage of anyone's height. Any area of the bed where bodily fluids may land is likely to be covered, so your sheets will never again experience urine, vomit, wet dreams, menstruation, etc.... No matter how restless of a sleeper you are, this sheet protector will stay where you want it and protect your sheets from spills of any kind! ...unless of course you yank it off whilst sleep-walking and spill your cup of warm milk in the process! ;) The only disadvantage is the color. Currently it is only available in white, which will obviously show stains, and bleaching is not recommended. However, the blankets will cover it up, so no worries!

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By: Elise Jackson on Nov 13,2016

Soft, quiet, and waterproof

Most "waterproof" sheet protectors are loud, slippery and Not comfy, this one is perfect. It's as quiet as your sheets and an extra layer of plush for your little one. This size is perfect for a crib or twin size bed. Plus it does its job. If my little one has an accident it is soaked up on the pad. Just throw it in the wash and it's ready to use the next night.

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By: Genolagma on Nov 07,2016

This is perfect! Great product for the price.

I've wanted something to be able to protect my mattresses and sofa's when I have visiting grandchildren. This is perfect! I was given it last week and used it when my granddaughter was visiting, and it worked wonderfully. The things I like about it are; 1. It's nice and padded and soft so it makes for very comfortable sleeping. 2. I doesn't have that plastic feel or especially the crinkling noisy sound every time someone moves on it. Nice and quiet to sleep on. 3. It is easy to use on almost any mattress or surface because it doesn't have the elastic bands or fitted siding so it can be placed on small to large surfaces. 4. I like the fact it is washable, and it has washed up well. I actually placed it under the sheet and prefer to use it that way. This is a very good product for a very reasonable price.

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