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8" Spring and Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress by Linenspa®

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Two mattress technologies - pressure-relieving memory foam and supportive steel springs - work together to create a mattress that offers excellent sleep comfort. Start with memory foam quilted into the cover, add curve-hugging foam layer and layer it on durable springs that offer the bounce of a traditional mattress, and you've got hybrid approach to support that offers the best of both worlds. Mattress is rolled and shipped in a box for convenience.


  • The Comfort of Two Technologies
  • Memory Foam for Pressure Point Relief
  • Traditional Support of Spring Coils
  • Boxed for Convenience


The Comfort of Two Technologies

If you love the support of a traditional mattress but want the pressure relief of memory foam, it's time to try a hybrid. Get the benefits of both with a mattress that has a cozy foam top layer and traditional innerspring support below.

Memory Foam for Pressure Point Relief

With a layer of memory foam quilted in a knit fabric cover and an additional 1.5 inches of traditional foam beneath the cover, this mattress has a surface that conforms to the body to reduce pressure points.

Traditional Support of Spring Coils

Beneath the foam surface is a network of steel coils that offer the support and durability of a traditional innerspring mattress.

Boxed for Convenience

For quick and easy setup, this mattress is compressed and shipped in a box. Simply take the box into the bedroom, carefully open the packaging, and watch it expand.




Cal King

72 x 84


54 x 75


76 x 80


60 x 80


39 x 75

Twin Xl

39 x 80


Limited warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, with exception to normal wear and tear of changes in softness/resilience; stains; misuse or improper maintenance; alteration; repair by unauthorized representatives; or damages form transit or handling. Linenspa®, at its sole discretion will repair, replace, or refund any product that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.


53% polyester fiber
39% rayon fiber
6% polyurethane foam
2% polypropylene fiber


Cover: quilted memory foam layer
Surface layer: 1.5" foam comfort layer
Support layer: 6.5" tempered steel coils


By: Jordan J. on Nov 14,2016

Great, inexpensive mattress

I received this mattress for an honest review... This mattress has got to be one of the top mattresses for under $300. On amazon, under $200! Linenspa has made one of the best hybrid mattresses I have ever slept on. Usually you are stuck with spring pillow top or straight memory foam. This bed is amazing because it has the support and foundation of springs, but the comfort of memory foam. Something that stuck out to me was how quiet the springs were. I don't know if that is because the memory foam buffers the sound, or what, but it is seriously dead quiet. I jumped and rolled on the bed, and no squeaky, metallic sound at all! Also, clearly a mattress has to be comfortable. That is number one priority. This mattress, for the price, exceeded my expectations. You can probably spend a lot of money and get a better mattress, but for the quality and comfort you get with less then half a grand, its unbeatable. The memory foam top is quality foam. You sink into it when you lay down. It really helped my normal back ache problem that comes with most mattresses. It is medium firm. I would recommend this mattress, 100% of the time.

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By: Spencer Bailey on Nov 14,2016

The coveted mattress

This is the coveted mattress at our cabin. BRILLIANT to integrate the memory foam into the mattress so a topper doesnt slide around! Firm yet soft. Everyone wants this bed when they come to the cabin!

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By: Kate D on Nov 10,2016

OMG. I Didn't Even Know They Had THese and I LOVE IT!

I really could not believe the low price on this bed. Actually I was kind of shocked and when we got it out of it box and it grew into its full size right before our eyes, I STILL could not believe the low price for such a high wailing mattress. I spent about 3K on my bed and we bought this for a guest bed because I have really lived linenspa products. And my husband and both agreed it felt the same. My 18 year old begged us for it do now we will order another one. I loved the springs in the hybrid but it has a plushy comfy feel when you lay on it. It's firm but super did and comfy. I was so impressed. I loved the quality. Thought it was made really well. I loved the support. My son has been sleeping on it for a week now and told me he wants to take it to college with him. ;) I just still am blown away by the low price. Great product. Built to last. High quality. Plushy quilted top. Fast delivery.

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By: Deborah Ramel on Nov 09,2016

Purchased this mattress in California king size

My husband and I love this mattress! It is so comfortable and such a great deal.We have trouble getting up in the morning because we are snug as two bugs.We both have back problems and we noticed it has improved our sleep and back pain. Highly recommend this mattress.

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By: Brandon on Nov 09,2016

So soft!

Softest mattress I have ever used. I love this mattress because it isn't huge and bulky, but it was still soft since it has the pillow top. I was very surprised how easy unpacking it was, I was thinking I was going to have a huge box at my front door and have to worry about somehow getting the huge mattress up the stairs. Luckily it comes packed it a small convenient box and was very easy to unpack, it was also fun to watch it unravel. I would recommend this mattress to anyone!

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By: Jamie McKinnon on Nov 06,2016

Awesome Mattress!!

My husband and I received this product for free in exchange for our honest review. The past couple of nights I have been sleeping on this mattress to get an idea of how I liked it. The truth is I purchased a new mattress about two years ago for around $650 from a fancy mattress store. It is an innerspring mattress with a comfy pillow top. I was very pleased with my purchase. After I received this mattress, we set it up in our spare bedroom to test it out. We used a two-in-one bed frame and box spring. We set it up in the morning and allowed it a little more than three hours recommended to expanded, because we didn't want to go to bed at 4 pm (not that we haven't before). It did not come with that typical memory foam smell, which was nice. We slept on it that night and I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and support. I am a stomach sleeper... and I did some research before purchasing my first mattress. I was recommended a mattress that has a soft thin pillow top or foam layer and is a medium to medium-firm. This hybrid mattress fir the profile! When I woke up after sleeping on it the first time I felt great! I have had back problems when sleeping on softer, less supportive mattresses, and I was nervous about trying this hybrid at first, but now I love it! I have convinced my husband to move our other "fancy brand" mattress into the spare bedroom so I can sleep on this one regularly. That being said, I have slept on some really expensive mattresses before, $1500+, and this isn't one of those. But for the price range, this mattress rocks! If you are looking for a replacement mattress, or even a spare, and need to stay in a budget friendly range - look no further. Check out our review video for a little more information.

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By: Madison Jardine on Nov 03,2016

We love this mattress

My husband and I have wanted a King sized mattress ever since we got married. We even bought King sized sheets instead of Queen sized sheets to motivate us into buying one. Once we found this mattress and its killer deal, we couldn't resist. We even found a killer deal for a new King sized frame that didn't need a box spring. Ever since we set up and started sleeping on this mattress, all of my lower back pains have gone away. It is the perfect amount of cush and firm. If you have any type of back problems, this mattress will be perfect for you. My husband is 6 foot 3 and this mattress is the perfect length for him as well. His feet don't go over the bed like most mattresses. So glad we found this bed!

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