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Gel Convolution® Pillow by Z®

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Most people don't commit to a single sleep position. So why should you commit to one support level from your pillow? The Gel Convolution® pillow features a soft, cool Tencel® fiber cover with plush Gelled Microfiber® fill. A removable insert made of Gel Dough® memory foam has a smooth side and a convoluted side for a pillow that offers the right support in any position. A great option for multi-position sleepers who like a cooler sleep climate, this pillow features gel-infused memory foam and a fabric surface that is particularly helpful in regulating temperature.


  • Three Support Options in One Pillow
  • A Super-soft Down-like Experience
  • Support and Temperature Control
  • Soft, Smooth Tencel® Fiber Cover


Three Support Options in One Pillow

The type of pillow you want changes not only overnight, but sometimes even in the middle of the night. The Gel Convolution® is a great choice for multi-positional sleepers because it offers three different levels of support to complement any sleeping position.

Your head sinks through a plush layer of Gelled Microfiber® fill, and you come to rest on a layer of convoluted Gel Dough® memory foam for a plush feel that still has support, which is a great choice for sleeping on your back.

Firm Support
Are you a side sleeper? Lying on the smooth side of the gel memory foam layer gives more support that helps to relieve sleeping pains as it correctly aligns your head, neck, and spine.

Down-like Feel
If you're in a more cuddly mood, simply remove the gel memory foam core for an ultra-plush, down-like pillow. The ultra-plush feel and lower loft is what stomach sleepers are sure to want.

A Super-soft Down-like Experience

Gelled Microfiber® fill offers the soft feel of down without the allergens, sharp quills, and the smell associated with traditional down pillows. The gel-coated fibers easily slide past each other for a more consistent filling that won't clump or bunch, allowing you to perfectly position the filling where you need it most.

Support and Temperature Control

Are you looking for the support and comfort of a memory foam pillow but don't want to feel like you're lying on a rock? Resting on the irresistible Gelled Microfiber® will give a plush feeling, but pairing that with the convoluted Gel Dough® memory foam will give the support you need. Dough® Memory contours to your natural pressure points, giving support that will relieve sleeping pains in your neck and shoulders. Gel material infused into the memory foam captures and distributes heat for a more comfortable sleep temperature.

Soft, Smooth Tencel® Fiber Cover

Encasing and protecting the gel convolution pillow is a Tencel® fiber cover. The special moisture-wicking fabric that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.




16 x 35


16 x 29


This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship with the following exceptions: warranty applies to original purchaser and does not cover wear and tear; normal changes in softness or resilience; or stains. At its sole discretion, the company will repair, replace or refund any product that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.


Cover: 100% Tencel® lyocell
Fill: 60% polyurethange gel foam, 40% siliconized polyester fiber


By: Whipple on Nov 16,2016

Did the job

Overall I thought this pillow was pretty good. If you like soft, squishy pillows then this is the one for you. I generally like my pillows to be high, this one starts out as such and will compress to about the size of a single pillow making it really soft. I often like to read in bed or play on a mobile device which sometimes will last a couple of hours. This pillow does a really good job of regulating the temperature of the pillow. I don't think I have had to change it to the other side since I've slept on it.

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By: Nik on Nov 11,2016

Beautifully soft!!!

If you love softness you will love this pillow! This pillow is very versatile. It is extremely soft and comfortable to begin with, but if you prefer an even more plush pillow you can remove the insert and this pillow becomes heaven. I'm a very hot sleeper. This pillow helps my head to stay cool and comfortable while I sleep. I don't wake up with a sweaty mess on my pillow anymore. I have the Lo-Loft type and it's just the right plushness for my needs. The case for this pillow is marvelous as well. This is a great pillow!

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By: Brian Benson on Nov 11,2016

Perfect for a stomach sleeper!

I received this product for free from the manufacturer as a product test and have loved it! I'm a stomach sleeper so having a pillow that is too soft, too firm, or even too thick can create a lot of neck pain. I got the standard low loft size which works perfectly! If I want it to be a little more soft/firm I can just flip it over. With other pillows I've used, I end up pushing it away in my sleep and end up without a pillow at all. Not once have I pushed this pillow away and I've been getting great sleep! I've heard some people complain about the smell that comes with memory foam and I was a little concerned since this would be right next to my face all night. I was relieved to find that the pillow didn't smell at all even since first opening it up!

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By: Dallas Arnell on Nov 11,2016


Let's be honest for a bit here, pillow preference is highly subjective, right? I like this pillow it is soft, yet firm. It does feel a bit cooler than the conventional stuffed pillow. I fall asleep on my side migrate to sleep on my back at night. I got the low loft pillow and it worked well for both situations. I don't have a mass spectrometer or black light, so I can't speak to the anti microbial value of the pillow, but it was comfortable.

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By: Ben on Nov 09,2016

Best pillow out there

I seriously love this pillow! I am a really hot sleeper and often wake up sweaty and this pillow keeps my head so much cooler! I love how it forms to my head and offers the perfect amount of support. I have tried many memory foam pillows and I would highly recommend this one.

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By: Catharine Rasband on Nov 09,2016

Love this pillow

I found this pillow to be extremely comfortable. I really love the"tencel" material that covers it, it's super soft, it's a shame you have to put a pillow case on it. I sleep on my back half the time and my side half the time and both positions work great with this pillow.

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By: sara on Nov 08,2016

GREAT support with a SOFT pillow

AWE this pillow is incredibly soft! The outer Tencel cover is amazing - it feels so great next to my face at night - I don't like to cover it with a pillowcase (good thing the outer cover is washable!). The pillow holds my head perfectly at night with great support but it is not stiff like a 100% latex or memory foam pillow. It conforms to your head as you move at night, and I even like hugging this pillow as I'm watching a movie because it's so comforting. It's a great soft pillow - anyone who loves down pillows or soft pillows will LOVE this pillow. This pillow also keeps my head cool, but not too cold, during the night. I used to wake up with sweat-head but with this pillow I don't.

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By: Todd on Nov 07,2016


love this pillow - i don't like most pillows keeps cool all night not heavy not a high loft fight teens for the pillow - everyone wants it - should get another

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By: Karen Larsen on Nov 07,2016

GREAT Pillow!!

This Gel-Infused Memory Foam pillow is awesome! I am a side and back sleeper, and this pillow is great. It is very comfortable, soft, and stays cool when sleeping. This pillow is perfect!

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By: Shauna on Nov 07,2016

Not a piece of solid foam to sleep on like other memory foam - i'll buy another

i love this pillow i generally sleep with an expensive down pillow i don't like foam hard or soft. I ordered this for my husband and I have taken it over. 1- good size ordered Standard and was expecting small It is not a wimpy size 2- soft but firm my husband said he would use it and he sleeps with solid yucky thin foam and I like it comparable to my down pillow. I can put my arm under it and not feel like a piece of foam 3- doesn't seem to get hot when laying on it 4- light weight not heavy and dense feel shipped fast even in December

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By: Genolagma on Nov 07,2016

Has become my favorite pillow

This pillow really does live up to what it claims. I received one to test, and was pleasantly surprised. Usually I like soft squishy pillows, but after sleeping on this one for several nights, the soft microfiber gave it just the right amount of softness, and the gelled memory foam in the middle gave my neck the support I didn't realize I was missing. I really did sleep better all through the night. I am a back and side sleeper with a medium frame so the low loft was perfect for me, and I have ordered a high loft for my spouse, who really liked my pillow.

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By: Cami on Nov 03,2016

Pillow Snob - and I am in LOVE with this pillow!!

I am a bit of a pillow snob, and am super picky about the quality of my pillows. I've been buying high quality down pillows, and then discovered this one. I'm afraid I will never go back. This has the luxurious feel of down, but I love the stability of the foam added in there. I was originally going to get this for my husband because he sweats when he sleeps, but I can't seem to part with it. Maybe his birthday gift I'll have to get him his own. You really can't go wrong with a pillow like this, and I love how they have options for loft to tailor your selection to your needs.

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By: Melissa on Nov 03,2016

good pillow

I received this product at a discount from the manufacturer as a product test. The pillow is described well "Gel-Infused Dough Memory Foam Core." There is a real dough type feel to it. It has a great soft down feel to it but also provides support so you don't feel like you've sunk to the bottom. I got the standard size as high loft. It is the perfect size! the high loft allows for more support and is a great level for my side sleeping position. I tend to find myself on my back often lately as well and this pillow is super comfortable in back sleeping. I couldn't tell much of a difference between using the different sides of the memory foam but I love that the memory foam is easily removable when i want an even more cushioned feel. Though I have not had this pillow for more than a month I can tell it will hold up for much longer than it's warranty. If you like pillows to be mostly firm, this is probably not what you are looking for. If you like a supportive yet cushioned comfy pillow, this is The ONE!

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