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Five 5ided® Mattress Protector by Sleep Tite®

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The Five 5ided® mattress protector will protect the top and sides of your mattress. The cotton terry surface is backed by the laboratory certified H2Pro® membrane, which has microscopic pores that allow air to permeate while blocking larger molecules like liquids, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and allergens, creating a liquid proof, noiseless and breathable barrier.


  • Extended H2Pro® Membrane
  • Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant
  • All About Dust Mites
  • Universal Fit® Design


Extended H2Pro® Membrane

The Five 5ided® mattress protector is designed to protect the top and four sides of your mattress, providing excellent protection against spills, bed wetting, and vomit. The extended H2Pro® Membrane has microscopic pores that allow air passage while blocking larger molecules like liquids, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and allergens. This creates a liquid proof, noiseless, and breathable barrier for five sides of protection.

Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant

The redesigned Five 5ided® protector comes with an upgraded polyester top that is smoother and softer. The smooth surface makes the Five 5ided® mattress protector more hypoallergenic since there is less room for allergens to hide in the fabric.

This smooth top combined with the extended H2Pro® Membrane creates a barrier that will protect you from the scary things that live in your mattress- allergens, bacteria, and especially dust mites. The H2Pro® Membrane is independently lab certified as completely dust mite proof.

All About Dust Mites

Did you know? More than 2 million dust mites can live in your mattress at one time. Dust mites are tiny little bugs that feast off of the skin you shed and moisture you lose while sleeping. Exposure to dust mites is detrimental to your health because it:

  • has been proven to lead to the development of asthma in young children
  • is a common trigger for asthmatics
  • is a leading cause of eczema
  • can cause congestion, itchiness, sneezing, coughing, and a runny nose
The H2Pro® Membrane cuts off the food supply to dust mites, making it impossible for them to thrive.

Universal Fit® Design

The Five 5ided® mattress protector is features a Universal Fit® design that allows for a secure fitting protector. The Five 5ided® protector is able to correctly fit 14 different sizes, including odd sized mattresses like short queen or Cal king. The fully-elasticized bottom seam is strong, stretchy, and designed to pull in any extra fabric for a tight fit. The fitted sheet style allows for easy laundering.




39 x 75

Twin Xl

39 x 80


54 x 75

Full Xl

54 x 80


60 x 80


78 x 80

Cal King

72 x 84

Split Cal King

36 x 84

Split King

39 x 80

Split Queen

30 x 80


The Sleep Tite® warranty covers defects in mattress protector/pillow protector materials or workmanship. Warranty is contingent upon making a claim within five days of damage and following all instructions on the care label. Warranty applies to original purchaser only and is subject to exceptions listed on the enclosed warranty card. At its sole discretion, the company will replace or refund any protector that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship and, in the case of a claim for mattress damage, clean, repair or replace the mattress over or mattress. Detailed limits and conditions can be found on the product warranty card that accompanies packaging.

Pocket Depth

6" - 22"


Surface: 100% polyester
Sidewall: 100% polyester
Backing: 100% polyurethane

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold to hot with bedding
Do not bleach
Tumble dry low heat
Do not iron
Do not dry clean


Spencer Bailey

Nov 14,2016

Actually makes my bed more comfy

So it does what it needs to and more. It has such a soft distinctive texture beneath my sheets that it just feels like a soft hug underneath your blankets. Keeps everything nice and dry (tested it with water, haha didnt wet the bed!) go for it!

Elise Jackson

Nov 12,2016

Light airy and comfy

The mattress pad is well built and easily fits over my pillow top queen mattress. I haven't had any problems with it riding up off the mattress, much like other fitted type sheets/covers. It is light and airy, great for Houston climate. Easy to wash and holds up. I've had it for almost a year and I haven't seen any wear on it. It's also a great price for the quality of the product. I love how smooth and silky it feels to the touch, even if I have to put sheets over it.

Dallas Arnell

Nov 11,2016

keeping the pee of the bed mattress

I should have looked for something like this earlier!!! I have rental units where I provide a twin bed to the renter. Sometimes the renter comes in with their own mattress. In those cases my mattress goes into storage. I would put tarps over them, wrap them in industrial saran wrap, anything to keep them clean. Anyway, this bag is way easier to use and RE-USE. The 3 mil polyethylene material truly does resists rips and tears, and allows you to not worry to much about moisture of the dust of an actively used garage. Definitely worth it!


Nov 07,2016

Great Mattress Protection!

I used this on my granddaughters bed and she had an accident that very night. This protector worked terrific at keeping all moisture contained! None of it seeped through. It is easy to wash and air dry, it fits even her thin mattress well because it is gathered all the way around the edge. I love that it is quiet and comfortable for her to sleep on, no noise as she rolls around in her sleep. I'd definitely recommend this protector!


Nov 04,2016


This is a wetness barrier that will blow your mind. We had a leaky pipe above our bed that got a huge wet spot on our covers. I was concerned my nice mattress would be soaked and gross, to my amazement, it was totally dry! Wow. AND I don't even notice it under my sheets. Fan-tastic.

Sara C.

Nov 03,2016

A Necessity for Every Mattress

Mattress Protectors are something I usually don't get excited about, but now I am convinced they are a necessity. There's nothing worse than a nasty mattress stain. This particular protector does the job well and doesn't make any crinkly noises. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to protect their mattress.

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