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6" Inner Spring Mattress by Linenspa®

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When it comes to buying your first mattress, or a bed for a kids’ room, guest room or RV, you want a quality product with comfortable support, not just a cheap mattress. The 6” Innerspring Mattress by Linenspa® offers high quality, great comfort and exceptional value. On the surface, quilted fabric and a layer of foam provide cozy comfort, while heavy-duty steel coil offer even support below. For safety and peace of mind, this mattress has a tested flame resistant layer. Don’t settle for a cheap mattress. Settle in for a comfortable night’s sleep and an incredible value with the 6" Innerspring Mattress.


  • Supportive Spring Coils
  • Sleep Safe and Sound
  • Unmatched Value


Supportive Spring Coils

A sturdy inner spring design features heavy-gauge steel coils for ample support. To improve comfort, a quilted fabric cover and foam layer rest atop the springs, providing a softer, smoother sleep surface. This durable mattress is made for restful sleep night after night. For convenience, it's compressed, rolled and shipped in a box. Combine the support of a spring mattress with the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam by adding a mattress topper.

Sleep Safe and Sound

When it comes to a good night's rest, safety and peace of mind are as important as comfort. Sleep well knowing this mattress - and your family - is protected by a fire-resistant barrier that is tested to ensure it meets safety standards.

Unmatched Value

Just because the price is low doesn't mean it's a cheap mattress. Made with care and quality, this supportive Linenspa® mattress is available at an affordable price in a wide range of sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King and Cal King.




Cal King

72 x 84


54 x 75

Full Xl

54 x 80


76 x 80


60 x 80


39 x 75

Twin Xl

39 x 80


Limited warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, with exception to normal wear and tear of changes in softness/resilience; stains; misuse or improper maintenance; alteration; repair by unauthorized representatives; or damages form transit or handling. Linenspa®, at its sole discretion will repair, replace, or refund any product that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.


    100% polyester

Inner material:
    62% polyester fiber
    18% rayon fiber
    15% polyurethane foam
    5% polypropylene fiber


Quilted cover
6" tempered steel coils


By: Shala on Jul 05,2017

Great basic mattress!

This mattress is great! We just got it last week, and it came in such a small box; I was shocked, and then it expanded out quickly and easily with little odor. It's a great basic mattress for my kids. My daughter likes it because it is firmer than her last one and supports her body well, but is still comfortable. I like that the edges don't sag when I sit on it.

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By: Scott on Jul 04,2017

Compact but very supportive mattress

Our mattress came last week and we let our kids sleep on it the first night. None of them want to sleep in their beds anymore. I slept on it last night and I have to admit it was a lot more comfortable than I anticipated. Great mattress for the price.

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By: Jake on Jul 03,2017

Gets the job done!

This mattress is perfect for my kids - it transported very easily (comes rolled up in a manageable box) in my small crossover SUV. It's for my six year old, and she has enjoyed sleeping on it ever since we got it. Very solid quality mattress for the price, gets the job done, and seems to be really durable/well made as far as I can tell. Great option for a non-luxury model (which, for me, is perfect for small children).

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By: Adam on Jul 03,2017

Great Mattress For Our 5 Year Old

My wife and I got this mattress for our five year old daughter. My daughter was really excited to jump on the mattress the first chance she got. The price is also really great compared to other mattresses. Win-win!

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By: Mark on Jun 27,2017

Solid little mattress

Great mattress for the price! We are using it for an extra mattress to put out on the floor when we have extra kids at the cabin and its perfect for that purpose. I will use a foam topper on it if it is needed for adults. Solid little mattress!

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By: Russell on Jun 27,2017

Great Bang for your Buck

Great mattress for its thickness and price point. We have lots of family around and we are always looking for creative ways to more comfortably sleep more people when people come to visit. The 6" is perfect for this because of how easy it is to slip inside our closet or storage room without it taking up too much space or being too heavy or difficult to move. This mattress is deceivingly comfortable, but perhaps a tad too firm for my wife. I received this mattress from the manufacture as a way for them to get feedback on their products.

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By: Alex on Jun 26,2017

Great mattress for great price!

I chose the queen mattress to have as a potential guest bed. First off, when I picked up the mattress it easily fit it into the back of a hatchback Mazda3, which blew me away. I opened it up and allowed it to expand for a couple hours, and it was ready to go! I've slept on it for a week and loved how firm it is. I lean towards enjoying a much firmer mattress, though. I plan on buying a 3-inch memory foam mattress topper for it to make it perfect for me. For the price, you cannot beat this mattress.

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By: Franci Wesr on Jun 25,2017

Sleepless No More!

I got my mattress a few days ago. I have slept better the past 3 nights than I have in a long time! I was fascinated by the way the mattress unfolded too...excellent packaging. I would recommend this mattress to my family and friends. I give it a 5 star rating!

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By: Franci Wesr on Jun 25,2017

Sleepless No More!

I have slept better the past 3 nights than I have in a long time! I was fascinated by the way the mattress unfolded too...excellent packaging. I would recommend this mattress to my family and friends. I give it a 5 star rating!

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By: Brooke on Jun 24,2017

Perfect mattress of kids

We were given this mattress to try out and we are very happy! We got it for my son and he loves it! It looks very nice and is constructed well. It comes packaged so you can easily transport it and is fun for the kids to watch it grow and expand to full size. No complaints from us here. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a childs or spare room mattress.

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By: Toddlermom on Jun 23,2017


I got the twin mattress for my toddler and he loves it. It was in very condensed packaging which made it very easy to bring home and transport for 1 person. Once unwrapped it’s light and easy to maneuver. I like that it’s just 6 inches because it will be easier for a little guy to climb on and off the bed. It’s a fairly firm mattress; I laid down on it and thought this is for sure different than my memory foam mattress. I could tell that there were springs in it and it made just a tiny bit of the spring sound (to be expected). But really it was pretty comfortable. I’d sleep on it for a guest bed, camper, or napping with a kid. Or if I was pinching pennies, this would be a good option.

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By: Nicholas on Jun 23,2017

Perfect for my daughter

I purchased this mattress, a twin, for my daughter that is transitioning from a toddler bed to a "big girl" bed. The mattress arrived rolled up in a box that made it very easy to carry up the stairs to her room. After opening the box and unrolling the mattress my daughter was very excited and immediately starting jumping on the mattress very happily. My daughter has been sleeping on her new bed for about a week now and is loving it. I have fallen asleep on the mattress myself a few times and it's pretty comfortable.

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By: G Bishop on Jun 22,2017

Nice Mattress

This mattress is pleasantly comfortable. I was a little concerned because it is only 6 inches tall, but after sleeping on it I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is. The packaging was great. My husband was able to transport the mattress in its package by himself. Very nice mattress for the price, I would definitely buy one if I needed another mattress.

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By: Brandon Major on Jun 22,2017

Comes compressed but still just as comfortable

This mattress was impressive. I did not expect much when we got it as the price was so low. However as soon as we pulled it out of the packaging and laid on it we figured it would be perfect for our kid's mattress. It is less thick than other mattresses that we have had but I think it is just a comfortable as any other mattress we have had. I don't think as an adult that this mattress would work very well for a daily sleeper, I think it would need a mattress topper, maybe a thin memory foam topper or something.

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By: Ben on Nov 09,2016

Great product

This mattress is perfect for a child. We got it for our two year old, and so far it's been great! It is a thin mattress, so it doesn't make her bed any higher than it needs to be, which is nice in case she falls off (which she hasn't done yet, but I hear kids do it all the time)! It is a great bargain for the price.

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By: Crystal on Nov 07,2016

Perfect mattress for our bunk beds

I've used Linen Spa products in the past and have really been happy with the quality of their products. This product was such a great price so I have to admit that I was a little worried. I'm pleasantly surprised. This mattress although only 6" offers great support and comfort. I may place a small topper over for added comfort. I'm very happy with the quality and integrity of the product though. Perfect for our Bunkbeds. Hopefully it last us for years to come!

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By: JoyM on Nov 07,2016

Great for a Child!

I was honestly surprised by this mattress! My 9 year old granddaughter has been sleeping on a foam mattress on the top bunk of her bunk beds. It was worn and sagging. This 6 inch mattress fits a bunk bed perfectly! Not too deep. Great for a child. I think a heavier adult might want a little more cushion on the top. This came rolled and vacuum sealed in a surprisingly small box! Pretty cool to watch it roll out and fluff up. I'd buy this again!

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By: Devin on Nov 05,2016

Great Mattress for the Price Paid

Great mattress for the price paid. We got this mattress with the intent of giving it to our son after he outgrows his crib. I decided to test it out before giving it to him by taking my Sunday Afternoon nap on it. The mattress is a bit to small for me length wise, and is a very firm mattress but I found it to be very comfortable. I had no problem falling asleep and I had a wonder nap while on the mattress. My son is very excited to have this be his bed and has requested a few times that we let him lay on it while he watches a movie. He seems to really enjoy the mattress and find it as comfortable as I did.

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By: Jessica  on Nov 03,2016

awesome first bed

This mattress will eventually be used for our 2 year old's first "big boy" he already loves it and he cant wait till he gets to use it. Until then I have pulled it out a few times to try it out, It is a firm mattress yet supportive and comfortable. The few times i have napped on it has supported my pregnant stomach with out the need for an extra pillow which is nice. It also seems to be sturdy and made well which is good to know it will hold up with an active bouncy two year old!

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By: Cami on Nov 03,2016

Perfect mattress for my kids!

We got this mattress to replace the old, hand-me-down mattress that my 9 year old daughter was using. I figured 10 years was long enough to go with the same mattress. She is very pleased with the comfort level, and I am pleased with the quality. We were amazed that it was packaged in the box it came in, but it had no problem quickly coming back to form. I was also pleased there was no strange smell which can sometimes accompany bedding items. My daughter comments on the fact that it is a very bouncy bed. The only adjustment is that it is only 6 inches wide, which is a few inches shorter than her old mattress. That would be something to consider if you needed the mattress to go up a certain height, but it isn't a problem for us. For the cost and comfort level, I am calling this a wonderful kids mattress at a great price. I think it would be easy to add some foam to the top and provide even more comfort.

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